Chicago shooting: Several police on scene at Washington Park as 'multiple shots fired'

Reports have emerged of several people being shot near Washington Park in Chicago at 51st and St. Lawrence.

Police have been called to the scene with investigations into the extent of the shooting currently ongoing.

Spokesperson for the Fire Department Larry Merritt said paramedics responded to a call at around 8pm local time (2am GMT) at 51st Street and South Champlain Avenue and took three men and a woman to hospitals.

Police spokesman Tom Ahern added that the shooting occurred while a baseball game was taking place nearby.

While he said he did not know exactly how many victims there were, it “could be upwards” of 12 or 13.

Local reporter Jermont Terry shared on Twitter: “Breaking NOW: reports of multiple people shot near Washington Park at 51st and St. Lawrence. Several CPD officers on scene investigating.

“@cbschicago working to determine how many injured and extent of injuries. Live report at 10

Several victims are reportedly being taken to the nearby University of Chicago Hospital.

Deputy Director of News Affairs and Communications for the Chicago Police Department Tom Ahern tweeted: “BREAKING: Multiple people shot a short time ago in Washington Park.

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