China's living hell: Tens of thousands crushed into 'black jails' in Winter Olympics purge

The ruling politburo has utilised a system of “black jails” into which tens of thousands have disappeared. Detainees in this state-run system of incarceration undergo “residential surveillance at designated locations”. When one arrives at such a location they are told “you are now under RSDL” but at least they are offered “one right”.

After being greeted on arrival, detainees are then informed, “your only right is to obey”.

To add to the crack-down on dissent Beijing sent a stern warning to any foreign athletes who may wish to make a political statement during next month’s Winter Olympics.

The politburo were vague about the consequences, they only stated offending athletes would be subject to “certain punishment”, and left the rest to our collective imagination.

Many key agitators against the rule of the current regime are beginning to disappear.

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However, this month he was abducted again from his home in the southern province of Hunan.

This time under the charge of “inciting subversion of state power”.

His immediate “offence” was to protest about the treatment of a teacher thrown into a psychiatric hospital last month after she criticised the authorities.

Another activist, called Yang Maodong, and known by his pen name Guo Feixiong, vanished in December after a public battle to win permission to visit his terminally ill wife in the US.

Michael Caster, the co-founder of Safeguard Defenders, spoke to The Sunday Times and said that “China disappeared Peng Shuai because she had the courage to speak out against sexual abuses by a senior party official”.

Mr Caster added: “Beijing has disappeared tens of thousands of its citizens for no less arbitrary reasons to silence and intimidate. We must not allow China to use the spotlight as Olympics host to manipulate the narrative and whitewash its record.”

The news comes as Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to be granted an unprecedented third term in power this year.

Xi is the country’s most powerful leader since Chairman Mao Zedong.

He hopes to use the Winter Olympics in Beijing as a showcase to display the glory of the People’s Republic in his tenth year at the helm.

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