Christian Horner livid as Red Bull boss uses four words to describe cheating allegations

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has launched a scathing attack on Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto over claims the team broke F1 rules. Wolff and Binotto were spotted in conversation on Friday as rumours emerged that Red Bull may have exceeded the budget cap last season.

Red Bull deny any wrongdoing, commenting the reports were “just speculation”. Horner also stressed he wasn’t aware of any budget cap breaches and explained the team’s submission was “below the cap”.

Ferrari have demanded Red Bull to face severe punishments if the team did exceed the legal limits. Mercedes boss Wolff warned teams are at a “massive disadvantage” if it emerged Red Bull had spent more money than was allowed on extra resources.

The Austrian described the problem as a “heavyweight issue” as bonus funds could affect performance over at least three seasons.

However, Horner hit back at the pair, blasting Wolff and Binotto’s demands as “bang out of order”. He said: “I just reiterate, what is totally unacceptable is for teams that are not party to any form of the submission to be making claims about our submission, about perspective penalties. It’s just bang out of order.

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It has led several F1 fans to demand Lewis Hamilton is instated as last season’s champion after the Mercedes star missed out at the final race. Horner continued his outburst, suggesting the remarks from rival teams were “defamatory” and wrong.

He added: “We were a little bit taken aback by comments that were coming from two of our rival teams yesterday. The submission between the team and the FIA is one that is confidential.

“I have no idea what the outcome of our rival’s submissions are, or the accounting treatment, or so on, so I would be intrigued to know where their source of information for these fictitious claims have come from. They are hugely defamatory and we take umbrage to them.”

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