Cleaning myths debunked: I tried four hacks using denture tablets – these were the results

I used a heatproof mug to collect the dirty water.

I was quite surprised at how dirty the water was that came out the machine.

There were lots of small granules of coffee and deposits which were floating around in the dirty water.

Once the reservoir was empty, I rinsed it twice and refilled it with cold water.

I then ran my coffee machine a couple more times without coffee to remove any deposits.

I was still shocked to see the amount of debris coming out in the dirty water.

As the coffee maker carried on running, the cleaner the water became.

Making a coffee the next morning, I was surprised at home much better it tasted.

It was less grainy and also came out the machine a lot faster.


My Russell and Hobbs kettle has a Brita filter which I removed before conducting this test.

Despite having a filter, I do still find the kettle becomes crusty with mineral deposits over a long period of time.

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