'Clothes smell cleaner': How to use limescale tablets for a 'brilliant' wash

Cleanfluencer Lucy has detailed how she uses limescale tablets to leave her washing smelling beautiful. The product not only improves her washing but extrends the life of her washing machine.

Leftover detergent on clothes can play havoc with skin, especially for those who already have skin conditions.

What’s more, those with soft water need only use about half the usual amount of detergent.

As well as making hard water softer, the tablets keep your washing machine in good condition.

This will have washing smelling better for longer and save money in the long run.

Recently, the cleaner detailed her three-and-a-half-hour-long washing machine deep clean. 

During the wash, she drains the valves on your washing machine.

She also cleaned the detergent drawer and wiped it down with more Flash.

She used a Sonic Scrubber to clean the inside of the drawer compartment.

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