Conservatives call for ‘period of stability’ amid threat of snap election chaos

The Prime Minister has faced a turbulent few months as critics of Boris Johnson have called for a snap general election in an effort to oust the Conservative leader.

Tory MP Tom Tugendhat argued against a nation-wide vote as he claimed the UK was in desperate need of a “period of stability.”

The Conservative representative explained stable leadership was essential if the current Government is to be able to introduce effective policy to combat core political matters.

He highlighted several major issues, including the war in Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic, which had largely dominated the political agenda of the Conservative party over recent months, suggesting the Government could now place renewed focus on economic concerns.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Tugendhat said: “I’ve always believed it’s up to the British people to make the final decision on who is in Government and who isn’t and so I will welcome any election when it comes.

“But, I also think that elections should come at the right time for the country.

“We’ve only just come out of the covid crisis, we’ve only just come out of the Ukrainian war dominating our agenda, it’s still extremely important of course, but it’s not quite as dominant as it was a few weeks and months ago. 

“I think what the country really needs is a period of stability in order to enable us to try and deliver on some of the things that are coming forward.”

LBC host Andrew Marr asked: “Wouldn’t it be pretty suicidal for the Conservatives to charge into an election right now?”

The Tory MP replied: “Well, it’s not a question of being suicidal, it’s a question of is it the right thing for the country and I don’t think its the right thing for the country.

“I think the right thing for the country is a period of stability in which what we actually try to do is deliver on the promises we’ve made and the priorities of the British people.

“The reality is that we know that houses and homes across our country absolutely need the cost of living to come down.”

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