Conversations With Friends' Jemima Kirke details 'hardest thing I've done' on series

Jemima also revealed the rehearsals for the scenes were just as harrowing as the freezing water they had to endure during filming itself.

“What was really adding insult to injury was a week or two before we were asked to practice,” she recalled. “And to go into the water in Belfast, which was worse.

“It wasn’t practice, it was to see if we could swim. And I just thought, ‘There’s not even a f*****g camera in the water’.

“So I got in, I dunked in and got out, and the stunt coordinator came and got me and said I had to get back in. Which was even worse, he basically dragged me in there. It was mortifying. You girls were great with that rehearsal.”

Thankfully, all three actresses survived the icy waters, while their co-star Joe was lucky enough to remain high and dry throughout the entire filming process.

Conversations With Friends premieres Sunday, May 15 on BBC Three and Hulu.

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