Corner shop sign blunder leaves customers in stitches

A corner shop has found itself in the spotlight after its new sign featured a spelling mistake, leaving everyone in stitches. The sign should have said “confectionery” but was spelt as “confesionary”, much to the delight of locals.

Ever since a picture was posted on a community Facebook page, Kingsgate Mini Market on Kingsgate Avenue, Leicestershire, has been the centre of church-related wisecracks, reports Leicestershire Live.

The poster wrote: “Someone needs a spell check on the new shop sign,” to which many questioned if there was a priest instead of a shopkeeper manning the tills.

The image was posted to the Spotted Birstall Facebook page where residents flocked to the comments to add to the confessionary jokes—referring to confessional rooms within Catholic churches where people can confess their sins to priests.

One person joked: “One-stop shop, buy your food and confess to your crimes—what more do you want?”

Christians believe the acknowledgment of their sins is necessary to obtain forgiveness from God.

One resident sparked the joke, writing: “I mean, certainly beats going to church… more convenient for sure.”

To which another replied: “You never know… might be a vicar inside to confess our sins”.

Someone else added: “Could come in handy if the local church is closed. I can get all my sins of my chest”.

One person wrote: “They are lovely owners, must but so annoying for them.”

A Facebook user, claiming to be the store owner, assured residents the mistake was due to be fixed.

He wrote: “Hi, this is the corner shop man. Your comments are hilarious. Made my day

“We are aware of the spelling mistake and it will be fixed in no time.”

A disappointed resident replied: “I was looking forward to going in and clearing my conscience.”

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