Correct way to store potatoes could help prevent cancer – 'never' keep them in the fridge

A content creator detailed the “hack” recently. Armen Adamjan is the man behind Creative Explained. He creates “how-to” videos with hacks, tips, and tricks on his social media accounts. He said: “Never put potatoes in the fridge, it’ll turn to starch into sugar.

“So place them somewhere cool and dry and in a very dark spot.”

Why should people avoid storing potatoes in the fridge?

We often assume the best place to store food is always the fridge.

However, keeping some foods in the fridge can cause them to be ruined more quickly.

Raw potatoes are one of these foods. Putting them in the fridge increases the sugar they contain.

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Put them in a plastic bag, poke some holes in the bag and place them in a cool spot in the kitchen.


Keep them on a kitchen counter to help preserve the flavour.


Wrap the top of the bananas, or the stem, in plastic and store them in their own spot away from other fruit and veg.

Bananas will encourage lots of other fruit and veg to go off prematurely.

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