'Critically important': Liz Truss to attend first meeting of European Political Community

The Prime Minister also wants to use the talks in Prague next weekend to discuss ways to end energy dependence on Russia.

Brexiteers fear the new alliance, the brainchild of French president Emmanuel Macron, is an attempt to drag Britain back into the European Union’s orbit. 

Downing Street insiders insisted that the group is wider than the EU and is bringing together nations to discuss two key issues that need cooperation across the region.

Mr Macron raised the new grouping, which includes all EU nations plus Ukraine, the Western Balkans, Turkey, Norway and Switzerland, during talks with the PM last month in New York.

Ms Truss previously said she did not “buy into” a Europe-wide political community.

But she is believed to become open to attending because the two issues on the agenda are “critically important” for the UK.

A No 10 source said: “Illegal migration cannot be solved on our own and energy needs to be dealt with collectively across the region too.

“The UK will be taking part as an entirely independent sovereign state. Nothing about that will change.”

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