Dan Evans 'panicked' in mediocre Australian Open exit after winning just five games

“Not to put pressure on myself but I thought I’ve got a decent chance to win that match and probably thought a bit too much about him rather than looking after myself, my own game.

“And again it’s something I can learn from. I’m playing good tennis, that’s not the issue, I think it’s just getting to those situations, albeit it was a little funny situation, need to, you know, to try and, today’s about winning, not how you play and I couldn’t turn it round from playing badly to take my chance in the first set.

“Listen, if I took the chance and I not served it out it’s one set, it’s a five-set match. It would have put me in a good position.”

For most of the first set, a band called Groove City knocked out cover versions of songs like bad pub singers.

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