Daniil Medvedev 'not stupid' as Australian Open hopeful makes Nick Kyrgios admission

“To be honest, I don’t think it’s the same because the other night I was playing against an Australian player, very electric Australian player,” he said.

“Again, as I said, I didn’t have any issues except the one small thing, which is first and second serve. After the match, I think it was, yeah, straightaway pretty actually fun for everybody. That’s how I felt, and I didn’t see actually a lot of let’s say negative reactions.

“US Open was a different story. I actually was not doing the right thing in the beginning, managed to, let’s say like this, stay calm and turn it around by playing good.”

And despite some frustrations with the noise between his serves on Thursday, Medvedev admitted he felt at home Down Under.

He added: “Here, straightaway this match I feel like — I like coming to Australia, I feel like people support me in general here. I want to even say feeling in a way like home. Every January you are here, you know you’re going to be there. So I do think it’s much more ups than downs with Australian crowd.”

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