Daniil Medvedev told he's 'in the same mould as Novak Djokovic' despite Rafael Nadal woes

“But the “big three” do still have that magical aura. What they have collectively done over these last two decades is almost impossible. Phenomenal. Their records are insane.”

In the same column, Rusedski also pondered that controversial question – of the ‘big three’, which of them is the greatest men’s player of all time?

Nadal now has the advantage when it comes to Grand Slam titles, but Djokovic has the age advantage to change that and it’s not inconceivable that Federer might have one last trick up his sleeve.

After discussing the issue, Rusedski came to the conclusion that none of them would likely have achieved what they have in the game if they didn’t have the other two to push them on to greatness.

“As well as the stats, people also ask me who was the best when they were all at their absolute best. The answer is that it depends on the surface,” he continued.

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