Davina Potratz storms out of explosive row with Selling Sunset newcomer: ‘Not doing this!'

Davina came clean: “I’m good. You know, I – at the tea party, I… I just want you to know, you basically pushed a button with me about Christine. I love Christine. I know she’s so sweet and fun.”

“Do you really love Christine?” Chelsea probed, to which Davina defended: “I do, I really do. And you can ask everybody, I’ve been defending her. But when she talks s**t about me, puts me in positions that are difficult, and she hurts people I care about, all of that combined hurts me. I just broke down because I felt overwhelmed.”

Chelsea then tried to share her side of the argument: “Okay, so you know, I invited you, I invited all the ladies because I really wanted to get to know you, and I felt like there was a point where you were alluding to the fact that I invited you to, kind of talk about things that would make you feel uncomfortable. Is that really how you feel?”

Davina replied: “I don’t feel like you were trying to make me uncomfortable. I was worried about Christine because she didn’t speak at all. And so I thought, ‘This is not the Christine that I know’, and I wasn’t sure if she had asked you (to say)… You know what I mean?”

“Asked me! I’m not her parrot,” Chelsea snapped back as Davina tried to clarify: “Because she wasn’t speaking up and she just looked so sad and you were only speaking in her defence made me feel like you were her soldier. I don’t know, maybe you were like speaking for her so I was like -“

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