Deadly shark fears as decapitated dolphin washes up on UK beach – ‘Had it for breakfast’

She said: “My first thought was that the great white had it for breakfast.

“Its head was missing.

“It was pretty gruesome.”

However, there are others who don’t believe the shark killed the dolphin.

For example, Paul Shaw of The Shark Trust told The Sun Online that many similar bites came from other animals.

He said: “We’ve had many cases in the past where people have seen stranded marine mammals with injuries that are assumed to be bites.

“Quite often injuries are incurred post-mortem and from scavengers.

“Even birds and crabs can do a lot of damage.” 

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Mr Venn shared his images with shark Fisherman Graeme Pullen who said it was “obviously” a shark.

He said: “Analysing the photo it is obviously a shark – this can’t be disputed.

“I’ve always thought there was a shark there as there have been so many sightings by fishermen, but James has managed to photograph the fin.

“It can only be a small, immature great white who was looking for seals or bass to eat as they are more likely to come in close (to land) to feed.”

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