DEAL OF THE DAY: This £1.80 washing machine cleaner can help Brits save £200 on repairs

According to new data from Dr. Beckmann, 20 percent of Brits never clean their washing machine. It’s one of the most costly repairs as well, but there’s an easy solution that shoppers have found to help save money and keep it running for longer.

As the costs of living crisis continues to rise across the UK, Brits are looking for ways they can save money in their daily lives.

New research from cleaning and laundry expert Dr. Beckmann showed that one in 10 Brits claim that maintaining the home is an area they are worried about as prices soar.

In addition, the research further showed that the average cost of repairing a washing machine is £200 per year.

Cleaning your appliance regularly is an easy way to help prevent damages from happening and shoppers now love using a cleaning product that’s less than £2 to extend the life of their washing machines.

Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, Susan Fermour said: “As our results show, many Brits don’t necessarily think about deep cleaning appliances, especially the washing machine, but we’d recommend doing this once every two to three months or for every 30 washes, just to ensure bacteria and limescale doesn’t build up over time.”

Plus, there’s also a special offer available on Amazon where shoppers can get 25 percent off their first subscribe and save order.

Reviewers love its fresh scent, that it’s easy to use and leaves the washing machine looking much better after use.

Liam Harvey wrote: “Worked in one go! When we bought this powder we straight away followed the instructions and got it thrown in to the barrel of the washing machine. After the full wash cycle had taken its course, all our issues had been fixed.”

Diana also agreed: “Followed instructions to the letter and the result is a clean and fresh smelling washing machine – have recommended to so many people. I try to use at least once a month to keep it fresh but it really works.”

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