Death in Paradise clash as Marlon Pryce falls out with newcomer Naomi Thomas?

Death in Paradise returned to screens this month after a year of anticipation with fans eager to see what the Honoré police would be getting up to next in the fictional Caribbean crime hotspot. The new series welcomes sergeant Naomi Thomas (played by Shantol Jackson), who has recently begun to butt heads with former offender turned police office Marlon Pryce (Tahj Miles). But could this strenuous relationship end in a fallout between the pair?

Ralf Little, who plays DI Neville Parker, recently spoke about Naomi’s arrival on the fictional island and revealed the tension between her and Marlon.

Touching on how she fits in with everyone on the island, Ralf said: “Great! Without giving too much away, it’s quite a big break for her to be working with Florence and Neville.

“It’s a big deal as a job, and she really wants to make sure she’s good and impresses, which is a lovely counterpart to Marlon, who arrived being not really that bothered about the job.

“Really, he just saw it as a getaway from the life that he was living.

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“He was blagging at first, but at the end of last series, he realised that this was something he could do.

“JP made a big sacrifice for Marlon, saving his career and his future, and Marlon understood the weight of that, so at the start of this series, Marlon takes his duties as a police officer seriously.

“He’s still Marlon, he still understands the street and the way things work, and Naomi comes in, and she’s very by the book and a brilliant police officer.

“The two of them play these fantastic counterparts to each other.

“I’m really excited about the very last episode, and I’m excited about episode five or six. You’ll see! I love all of the episodes, but the story is about to get so interesting and so fun.

“It’s overwhelming, actually. This is my biggest TV show so far, so to see the response… You sometimes get mixed responses, some people like you, some people don’t like you.

“I know people really loved Ruby from the [previous] season, so I was a bit nervous, like, ‘Would they welcome me?’.

“But everyone has been really nice, they really love the chemistry between Marlon and Naomi, and they love how ambitious she is. It’s going really well, I hope it stays that way!”

There have also been rumours of a potential romance between Naomi and Marlon, which could completely change the dynamic of their working relationship.

Tahj, who plays Marlon, also spoke told the publication about the potential romance between the two and said: “I don’t know.

“I think Marlon’s a bit of a cheeky chappy and has a bit of charm, so it is a possibility for any female character.

“There could be something there with Marlon because he’s so cheeky… but in the work environment, I don’t think he’ll go there.”

Death in Paradise airs Fridays at 9pm on BBC One. 

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