Death in Paradise star Ralf Little details 'worst' part of working on BBC series

Death in Paradise recently wrapped up their 11th season in the heart of the Caribbean, where they have faced some challenges over the years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ralf Little, who plays the main character DI Neville Parker, recently opened up about the challenges the team faces while filming and the things he found the most difficult.

During a Facebook Live press Q&A before the release of season 11, the team were asked what the best part of working on Death in Paradise and the worst part was.

Ralf began and explained: “For me, the best and worst part is that simultaneously the best and worst part is that you live together and work together.

“Near enough 100 of you for six months in an area, a square acreage of relatively small areas, it is a series of three little villagey towns that we worked in.

“There is extraordinary camaraderie in friendships, you have no choice but to be a part of this kind of unit and all be in it together.

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“There is this trenches kind of idea, we are all in this together as especially during Covid, especially during these last two years it really was.

“We were literally always together because we couldn’t go too far afield because there were lockdowns, there were curfews.

“So we literally had to just rely on each other for company, and you know emotional support,” he explained.

Ralf continued: “Of course, the flip side to that is even someone who is your best friend in the world, living and working together, seeing each other at work every day.

Ralf admitted: “Well, I don’t know yet, that’s all, I am trying, it sounds like a scoop, but it’s not a scoop.

“I have filmed the series that I was originally contacted to do, but there is no indication that they don’t want me to go back.

“There hasn’t been a rewrite, so before anyone decides to go ‘Ralf Little drops bombshell on Saturday Kitchen’, it is all still being discussed that’s all, it is not a scoop.

“But yes, I mean I love the show, I absolutely love it I feel like a massive, it’s a massive privilege to do it and the fact that eight million people watch it is insane.”

Despite Ralf shutting down exit rumours, fan-favourite Detective Sergeant Florance Cassell (played by Josephine Jobert) left at the end of series 11.

Speaking to Hello about her departure, she said: “I’ve been on the show for seven years, and you can stay in your comfort zone and keep on doing it or stop.

“Which is a big decision emotionally and professionally, and try and move on and do something else.

“It’s not personal, I love the show, I’m so proud of it, but as an actor and as a person, it was time to move and try something else.”

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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