Deborah James urges bosses to air Embarrassing Bodies appearance even if she dies before

BBC podcast host Dame Deborah James has urged Channel 4 bosses to air the episode of Embarrassing Bodies she appears on even if she dies before it is due to be aired. The mother-of-two, who has terminal bowel cancer, filmed scenes for the medical series earlier this year where she spoke about her battle with the disease. Clips with Deborah will be aired next month when the new series returns. 

Deborah, who has been open about her illness since being diagnosed in recent years, spoke to young people about their experiences with cancer as part of Embarrassing Bodies. 

Reflecting on working on the show, the 40-year-old explained: “I might not live to see the episode air but I hope the message to, ‘Check your poo’ will live on, long after I’m gone. 

“It might be embarrassing, but it might just save your life,” she told The Sun. 

“Early diagnosis of things like bowel cancer saves lives. So don’t live to regret it, and don’t risk dying because you’re shy.” 

More to follow… 

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