'Delighted to welcomed them!' Boris ridicules Labour U-turn on supporting nuclear arms

Boris Johnson accused the Labour Party of repeatedly hitting out at proposals to work with more nuclear power. Mr Johnson insisted the Government’s decision to invest more in alternative forms of energy had helped the UK be only slightly dependent on Russia-sourced gas over the years. He scoffed at Sir Keir Starmer questioning his party’s strategy, noting he was “delighted” to not the Labour Party appeared to have changed its stance in light of the recent invasion of Ukraine.

The start of the war further deepened the ongoing energy crisis, with prices expected to rocket in the coming months as Europe seeks to put an end to its direct dependence on Moscow.

Mr Johnson said: “It’s thanks to the policies this Government has pursued that we actually only are dependent of Russian gas for three percent of our gas needs unlike virtually any other European country.

“It’s thanks to the massive investment we’ve had in renewables that we are the Saudi Arabia of wind power, producing more off-shore wind than virtually any other country in the world.

“By the way, I think he just committed – this might come as news to some of his party – to supporting more nuclear power.”

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