Democrats look to ditch Biden and ‘modernise party’, says Clinton pollster

Democrats have been told they have a chance to “modernise the party” in 2024 by ditching Joe Biden. As a number of high-profile Republicans continue to tease potential 2024 runs, Donald Trump has already launched his presidential campaign. Meanwhile, Democrats wait for a final determination from Mr Biden on his re-election ambitions, likely to come “early next year,” according to the President.

Stan Greenberg, previously the senior pollster to President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, said the whip Democrats defied expectations in the midterm elections, they should not feel too vindicated.

He said: “They voted for Democrats despite the fact that this was an economy that was failing working people. But voters are desperate for real help.”

Mr Greenberg then suggested that voters and Democrats could back a new presidential candidate, and added: “I wouldn’t have thought that Joe Biden would have been the candidate that the Democrats nominated.

“They went for him because they thought he was the one who would defeat Donald Trump.

“I don’t think that’ll be the case this time.”

Speaking to Fox, Mr Greenberg hesitated to name any specific potential Democratic candidates, but insisted he believes there’s a chance to have an “election like we had in 1992 when Bill Clinton ran to modernise the party”.

He also believes the US is in need of “new leaders” and “bold change,” and told Fox he’s “not worried” about any of the rumoured Republicans floated as potential candidates.

In his midterms report, Mr Greenberg also warned that Democrats should be wary of the “continuing risk of a Republican challenge centered on borders and crime”.

He added: “Trump may have been weakened in this election, but another leader with that message poses an accelerated risk.”

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Mr Biden has not yet confirmed whether he would seek re-election in 2024, but the President has pushed to rework the party’s 2024 presidential primary calendar.

On Thursday, he wrote to the Rules and Bylaws Committee, saying it was “unacceptable” that Black voters “have been pushed to the back of the early primary process”, and said South Carolina should have the first vote in the Democratic primaries.

The state famously gave Mr Biden his first primary win over Senator Bernie Sanders in February 2020, before he went on to win the nomination and face Mr Trump.

Meanwhile, the 80-year-old President, already the oldest ever, has previously accepted “it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine”.

But asked after the midterms whether the results boosted his chances if re-election, he said it is his “intention” to run again.


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California Governor Gavin Newsom has already ruled out running in 2024 in an interview with Politico, saying: “I’ve told everyone in the White House, from the chief of staff to the first lady.”

A longtime Democratic operative close to Mr Newsom told National Review: “I’m not saying they’re right, but here’s what Democrats all over the country think: They believe that if Trump is the nominee, Biden wins.

“Right or wrong, Dems believe that Biden is our best shot against Donald Trump.”

Mr Sanders has previously said he hadn’t yet decided whether he will make another bid for the White House.

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