Diabetes: The 'unsettling' sign in your vision of high blood sugar

It states: “Instead of directly affecting your eye, low blood glucose can temporarily affect the way your brain receives and interprets your vision. This is what causes your eyesight to appear blurred.”

The NHS says that symptoms of hyperglycaemia in people with diabetes tend to develop slowly over a few days or weeks, though “in some cases, there may be no symptoms until the blood sugar level is very high”.

AAV says that experiencing blurry vision as a result of diabetes can feel unsettling, but if the visual disturbance is caused by hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia alone, ”your blurry vision should go away with time and regulation of your blood sugar”.

It adds: “It can take several weeks for your blood sugar level — and with it, your vision — to return to normal. But the effect may only be temporary.

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