Diane Abbott confronted as Corbyn urged to run for London Mayor 'You'd campaign for him?!'

Diane Abbott was questioned by Radio 4’s Nick Robinson over the latest internal party row between Labour’s left-wing MPs and the leadership faction around Sir Keir. Mr Robinson also pressed the close ally of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on whether she would back the Islington MP in a run for London mayor. Ms Abbott has levelled criticism at Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer after shadow frontbencher Sam Tarry was sacked after joining picket lines in support of striking rail workers.

Mr Robinson asked the Labour MP: “Jeremy Corbyn, independent Mayor of London is being suggested as a possible future for him.

“Because he might not to allowed to run for the Labour Party again?”

“That would be a matter for Jeremy at this point,” said Ms Abbott.

“Some of us are trying to stand up for ordinary low-paid workers.”

The Radio 4 host asked: “I have a suspicion you would campaign for him, wouldn’t you?”

“That is a totally hypothetical question, the important thing is the position of low-paid workers,” replied the Labour MP. 

It comes after a close ally of Mr Corbyn told HuffPost UK that those around the left-wing MP believe the London Mayorship could revive the former opposition leaders’ political ambitions. 

They told the publication: “There are people who have encouraged him to run for mayor.

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