'Do you watch this thing called the news, Anas?' Tory MP schools Labour MSP in energy row

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar explained how the increased energy bills were likely to cause poverty in Britain this winter. Mr Sarwar savaged the Tory leadership campaign by claiming it was a Margaret Thatcher tribute act touring the country and claimed Mr Berry’s reaction to the energy crisis was deluded. Tory MP Jake Berry slammed Mr Sarwar and claimed that the Government has made £1200 available for those most vulnerable and claimed borrowing £60b to tackle the crisis every year for the next three years would most likely bankrupt the country’s economy. Britons across the country are bracing for the looming energy crisis to worsen this winter, and calls for the British Government to offer citizens more help to heat their homes and afford to eat this winter have been through the roof.

Mr Sarwar told Talk TV: “This is yes of course going to cause greater poverty, yes there’s going to be more people forced into destitution, yes it’s going to impact more and more people, not just traditional working communities.

“But middle-class communities across the country literally lives will be lost if we do not confront this emergency.

“And instead of having a Government that’s actually getting round the table with the energy companies trying to find a solution trying to bring down inflation.

“Trying to bring down bills, you’ve instead got this Margaret Thatcher tribute act touring the country, trying to see how they can out Tory each other whilst people are stuggling to make ends meet.

“And I just think Jake’s reaction is deluded I think people right now are really really struggling and they demand action.”

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Mr Berry added: “I don’t know if you watch this thing called the news Anas, but you may have spotted earlier this week that the energy companies were around the table with Chancellor and the energy secretary.

“I do not in any way run away from the severity of this crisis, the Government has made £1,200 available for the poorest households, it’s not going away, and the Government must absolutely take further action.

“But I’m sorry £60billion this year, next year and potentially the year after would bankrupt our country.

“We would have to borrow all the money to do it, can I just say it’s a good effort but the wrong solution, it’s completely unaffordable.”

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