Dog owners warned as vet releases horror images of 11-year-old pet's teeth

An advice page from RSPCA website reads: ”Ask your vet first – before you start cleaning your dog’s teeth, it’s always best to ask your vet to show you the best way to do this.

“Different breeds show varying jaw alignments and how the teeth meet.

“Brachycephalic dogs, like Pugs and Chihuahuas, have poorly aligned jaws, with crowded or absent teeth, and are therefore more likely to suffer from dental disease.”

The RSPCA encourages owners to start teeth cleaning when their dog is a puppy and brush their teeth everyday so they are used to it.

The experts say: “If you haven’t done this before, gradually introduce it by having your finger near their mouth.

“Keep doing this and then slowly introduce brushing until this is natural.”

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