Dog theft warning as police expose breeds being most targeted by thieves

Police forces across the UK responded to a Freedom of Information request and revealed that 2,077 dogs were reported stolen last year.

However, data from Direct Line Pet Insurance estimate that the figure is 2,760, which is the company’s highest number on record.

The thefts were reported to 35 police forces around the country.

In Greater Manchester, hundreds of dogs were snatched over a five-year period.

Out of the 679 dogs taken between 2015 and 2019, 143 were returned to their owners.

The figures show that French Bulldogs are the breed most likely to be stolen and have an average price tag of around £1,707.

Chihuahuas are the second most common dog to be snatched and can be sold for around £1,009.

The third most frequently stolen pooches are Yorkshire Terriers and can cost up to £1,156 for those looking to buy them as a pet.

German Shepherds are another dog that thieves target as they can make as much as £1,055 for selling to new pet owners.

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This makes them somewhat of an easy target and accessible to thieves who can sell them for as much as £1,200.

The figures show that Jack Russells are the twelfth most commonly snatched pups with an asking price of roughly £750.

Dog charities advise owners to avoid routine when out and about with their furry friends as it makes it harder for dog kidnapping gangs to track.

Owners are also advised to walk with friends if possible when out on dog walks, avoid location tags on social media and invest in a GPS tracking collar.

Dog charities also warn of the dangers of putting your pet’s name on their collar as this can make it easier for strangers to lure them over.

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