'Don't know!' Andrew Neil forces Labour MP to admit he ignores impact of tax policy

Labour MP Wes Streeting was cornered into admitting he ignores the cost of abolishing the top rate of tax. In a cost of living probe, the Labour politician struggled to give concrete policy ideas his party could put forward to address the crisis. When pressed by Andrew Neil to give the cost of Kwasi Karteng’s tax cut plan, Ms Streeting was forced to admit he did not know.

Confronting Mr Streeting on Labour’s cost of living plan, Mr Neil asked: “But what would you do?”

Mr Streeting said: “Opposition isn’t enough for us. We want to be in government. 

“Well, on the tax measure specifically, we wouldn’t be abolishing the top rate of tax, because we don’t think that’s a generous giveaway.”

Mr Neil cut him off, saying: “But that’s irrelevant to cost of living.”

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