'Drive safely': Motorists can save hundreds of pounds despite sweeping Highway Code rules

The Government has made a push to make roads safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians through a number of driving law changes. Major Highway Code rules were introduced in January, followed by a pledge to crack down on drug-driving, as well as enforcing stronger punishments for using a phone at the wheel.

Mark Musson, CEO of Humn, commented on how drivers could save money on their car insurance by driving carefully.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, he said: “Traditional car insurance is a 20-year-old outdated system with the current premiums systems being based on a group made up of the ‘riskiest’ 20 percent of drivers within a fleet seeing an overall sky-high cost per driver.

“Choosing real-time AI insurance puts drivers and fleet managers back in control of their premiums, building a solution to provide fleets with unparalleled transparency, empowering the drivers to take control of their premiums.

“Real-time AI insurance, such as Humn, rewards safe drivers with fairer, concurrent, risk-assessments and updated prices.

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According to road safety charity Brake, every 22 minutes someone is killed or seriously injured on UK roads.

Mr Musson continued, saying: “At Humn, we have turned the underwriting model on its head. 

“Since premiums are based on real-time data and driving behaviour, Humn does not care whether you’re a man in your 20s or a woman in your 40s.

“As long as you drive safely, you are priced on the actual risk and driving behaviour, rather than a simplistic, costly and outdated approach.

“Even when it comes to dealing with claims, when accidents occur all the data arrives in an instant allowing claims to be processed easily and up to four days quicker than average.

“Overall, AI Insurance puts the driver and fleet managers first and encourages good driving behaviour to help reduce premiums rather than lack of claims.”

The Department of Transport is also aiming to boost road safety, not only through its award-winning THINK! campaign, but also by introducing self-driving cars.

Further changes are expected to be made to the Highway Code to safely integrate self-driving cars onto UK roads.

In April, the Government announced plans to work with industry, regulators and safety organisations to ensure drivers can access information, including online, to help them use the vehicles safely.

This comes as Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk looked at the use of AI differently, saying that self-driving cars would eventually be safer than human-operated vehicles.

He said: “Yes, I would say that self driving is one of those things where there are a lot of old stones or you know where you think you’re getting there. 

“Now at this point, I think we are no longer trapped in a local maximum. 

“And obviously, I could be wrong but I think we are actually quite close to achieving self driving at a safety level that is better than humans. 

“And it appears like your best guess is that we’ll get there this year. But we’re really not far from it.”

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