Drivers urged to park on driveways during busy periods – ‘It could be parking chaos!’

The spike in visitors to the region is expected to result in road closures and increased traffic congestion, as well as a scarcity of parking options for motorists looking for somewhere to park at 16 locations hosting the games across the region.

The CEO of, Harrison Woods, has therefore warned visitors that traditional pay-on-day parking options could prove difficult to come by during the games and has urged motorists to consider alternative parking arrangements.

Mr Woods said: “The Commonwealth Games promises to be a spectacular sporting event, and it’s great to see such high levels of enthusiasm for the occasion.

“However, with so many visitors expected in the region, as well as the planned road closures, it could be parking chaos – spectators must be warned that they shouldn’t just be expecting a race on the athletics circuit, but also a race for parking!

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