Drivers warned of 'dangerous' fuel-saving hypermiling tips – 'may be tempting'

New research has shown that 89 percent of drivers are using some sort of hypermiling technique in response to high petrol and diesel prices. With the cost of living crisis roaring on, many drivers are looking for any way to cut their fuel bills, but experts are warning that some techniques may be unsafe.

Driving on a near empty tank

Many drivers may have tried to do this. Trying to squeeze out an extra 10 miles before they fill up, ignoring the fuel gauge.

However, when the fuel level is near empty, the car may suck in the dirt from the bottom of the fuel tank, causing serious damage to the car.

Drivers are urged to ensure they have enough fuel wherever they are going, with experts advising motorists to be mindful of their nearest filling stations.

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This is also known as tailgating and may be seen on motorways and dual carriageways.

It involves drivers getting into the slipstream behind lorries or coaches.

However, this dramatically reduces the reaction and braking time as well as visibility, making it a dangerous manoeuvre. 

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