Dyson too expensive? Amazon just made owning a cordless Shark vacuum way more affordable

Dyson might sell some of the most desirable vacuum cleaners on the market but with some, such as the new laser-guided V15 Detect, costing well over £500 …these aren’t exactly affordable. Fortunately, there is a way to clean your home at a cheaper price as Amazon has unleashed a ludicrous deal on a muck-sucking device from Shark.

The online retailer is currently selling the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Hair Kit for just £199.99, which is a whopping 50 percent off the usual price.

To make things even more attractive, the vacuum on sale from Amazon comes in an exclusive red colour that’s not available anywhere else.

This dust-busting gadget features a 40-minute battery life and flexible arm design that allows it to easily clean up the crumbs from under your sofa.

There’s also anti-hair technology that stops the roller from getting clogged up with fluff and it comes with four pet care attachments to help rid your home of animal hair. Finally, there’s a five-year guarantee if you register the device with Shark.

Sound good? You can see the deal here although it’s only available until Saturday, February 26.


Shark isn’t the only tech brand taking on Dyson with Samsung recently announcing a new vacuum with a very unique twist.

The Bespoke Jet includes all the usual features you’d expect on a cordless cleaner including powerful suction and a hassle-free way of sucking up the muck from your floors thanks to a removable battery pack. But where things get clever is when you’ve finished your weekly chores as Samsung is promising a simple way to remove all of the dust and fluff that this device has collected on its travels across your carpets.

Once you’ve finished vacuuming, you simply place the Bespoke Jet onto its All-in-One Clean Station with this dock then taking care of emptying and sprucing up the filthy collection bin. The Bespoke Jet will be available from this month in Southeast Asia, Europe, and March in the United States. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on price.

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