EastEnders exit for Rainie Highway after she suffers tragic loss?

“She’s fearful for him, for the whole family unit, she can’t bear the thought of the potential of him not being around,” the actress added.

“She’s really scared. She sees quite quickly that he has to remain the strong one and really guide him and coax him into moving this forward and getting treatment.”

Viewers were left in tears when Stuart finally told his wife the truth about his secret on Friday night, with Michelle writing on Twitter: “What a powerful and heartbreaking scene. I wanted to give Stuart and Rainie a hug bless them.”

Melissa posted: “I was in tears. Great acting guys. As a breast cancer survivor, I know how hard it is to tell your loved ones. Especially as it’s a man who has breast cancer. Great storyline EastEnders.”

Emma added: “Gosh @RickyChamp1 @TanyaFranksRuns you were both outstanding tonight, I just wanna give Stuart a great big hug right now #EastEnders.”

EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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