‘Effortlessly’ lose 2lb a week with new diet plan – 'Consistent results & still indulge'

“To really see the power of this food, we ideally want you to adhere to it every week even if it is for a few meals a week, hence we design these plans to make them extremely convenient for people to stick to,” she added. 

On average, there are around 1000-1200 calories per day, made up of three nutrient-rich meals, plus a snack. 

All of the food is “plant-based, anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, low glycemic, nut-free and made with fresh locally sourced ingredients”. 

They also include “healing properties” and Sakshi spoke a bit more about the benefits of these ingredients. 

“We use traditional Ayurvedic principles which go back centuries, this is a widely recognised form of herbal medicine. 

“In addition to this, we have used AI/machine learning to assess thousands of scientific research papers to find out which foods are most beneficial for health and used clever ingredient swaps to ensure our meals are all anti-inflammatory and designed for different health goals like ‘healing’. 

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