Emirates flight attendant lists secrets of 'elegant' uniform – 'drop dead gorgeous'

Danielle is a member of the Emirates cabin crew. She shares her travel insights working for the airline on her TikTok account (@danidboyy1) where she has 418,500 followers and has amassed over seven million likes.

In a recent video, which has a huge 23 million views on the platform and over two million likes, she discussed little-known facts about the airline’s uniform.

She dished the details in a video she called: “Facts about the Emirates hat that you probably didn’t know.”

The flight attendant, who posts travel videos on her TikTok and Instagram account explained: “The scarf is attached to the hat by velcro so that it can be removed for cleaning.

“And yes, it can get dirty with makeup quite easily but the dry cleaning is provided by the company.”

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TikTok users were full of praise for the iconic Emirates uniform. One said: “I have to say watching an Emirates flight crew walk through the airport always reminds me of a movie of early aviation days, class and elegance.”

Another wrote: “I saw a crew walking through the airport today like an army of elegance.”

“All Emirates flight attendants are drop dead gorgeous!” one wrote, while another said, “Honestly looks so classy and elegant.”

An Irish commenter wrote: “It just screams class and elegance! Love our Aer Lingus crew too and was shocked flying domestically in the USA & seeing how slobby/sloppy the cabin crew look.”

One had a clever tip for the flight attendant. They advised: “Try spraying the scarf with setting spray to prevent/reduce makeup transfer. I do this with my hijab works wonders!”

Emirates is one of the two largest carriers in the United Arab Emirates and is based in Dubai. The airline operates in 80 countries across the world and has nearly 300 aircraft in its fleet.

It’s known for offering a luxury experience. In fact, in 75 cities, business and first-class Emirates passengers can use a complimentary chauffeur-driven airport transfer, with a BMW 5 Series Touring car for business class passengers, and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan for first class passengers in Dubai.

Emirates first class even offers a fully enclosed suite for the ultimate in private, luxury travel and the Emirates A380 has a “shower spa” available to first class passengers.

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