Emma Hernan suffers wardrobe malfunction in front of Selling Sunset cast ‘Broke my dress!'

Emma Hernan returned to the Oppenheim Group offices in Netflix’s fifth season of Selling Sunset after making her much-talked-about introduction in the fourth run. Once again on hand to try and sell some of Los Angeles’ most sought-after and luxurious properties, Emma once more also found herself at the centre of the drama among the cast – none least her co-stars’ feuds with Christine Quinn. However, in one scene regarding Christine’s return to work, Emma found herself rather red-faced when her dress inadvertently popped open.

The wardrobe malfunction came in the second episode of Selling Sunset season five as Emma, Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause and Davina Potratz joined bosses Jason and Brett Oppenheim in the company’s office. 

Jason had some news to tell his workforce as he said: “Listen, Christine’s gonna be coming in today, so if you guys could just make it work?”

Christine had been away on maternity leave and this marked her first return to the office for a full working day.

“Is Emma gonna have to move?” Mary chipped in, noticing the Selling Sunset star had occupied Christine’s desk since she’d left on maternity leave. “Can Christine sit at one of the other seats?”

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“I’m gonna give Christine her seat back, yeah,” Jason told the cast, leading to a moment or two of awkward silence.

“I’ll just sit on everyone’s desk for like 30 minutes,” Emma joked to break the ice, prompting Davina to chip in: “You can sit with me.”

Emma continued to make light of the situation as she joked: “I’ll doo yoga poses on everyone’s desk…”

Chrishell offered an alternative option, however: “Maya [Vander’s] not go na be here today, right?”

“And you would expect the same – to have your desk back,” Jason pointed out, to which Emma agreed.

“I would,” she replied. “And I plan on having children, so I hope I get my desk back after I have my children.”

“You will get your desk back,” Jason assured her before Emma packed her things up and took up a spot on Amanza Smith’s desk instead.

Emma commented: “I’ll just go to Amanza’s desk. I feel like Amanza’s not gonna have a problem with that.”

“I don’t think Amanza will care. You can just move,” Mary said, although as soon as Emma sat down, she suffered the wardrobe mishap.

As she sat down, Emma said: “Okay, I’m gonna get settled over there… See, I love it over here! This – woo!”

Emma’s dress burst up as a button popped out of place, leading to laughter from Mary.

“Oh, my God. Guys, no big deal. My boobs just broke my dress,” Emma commented as Chrishell asked: “What just happened?”

Emma clarified: “My boobs just popped open my dress! I heard the news of her coming in, I got a little hot, you know?”

Selling Sunset seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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