Emmerdale theory: Leyla's life on the line as she discovers Suzy's dark secret

Official Emmerdale spoilers have confirmed Suzy (played by Martelle Edinborough) will become concerned after spotting a photo of Holly (Sophie Powles). She later confides in Layla (Roxy Shahidi), who might struggle to keep Suzy’s dark secret. Could Suzy begin to threaten Leyla into keeping quiet on the ITV soap?

Upcoming episodes will see Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb) becoming inspired by a new idea.

It comes as Suzy suggests she hire out her barns for weddings.

Suzy inadvertently puts her foot in it though when she asks Moira about using the field where her daughter is buried.

When Leyla nods to a photo of Holly, Suzy is dumbstruck to recognise her.

Leyla’s confused when an unsettled Suzy bolts from Moira’s after repeatedly staring at Holly’s picture.

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Back at the cafe, Leyla finds Suzy browsing an online remembrance page for Holly.

As a confused Leyla questions her, Suzy admits that she knew Holly

Leyla is left shocked and overwhelmed when Suzy opens up about her secret connection to the former villager.

What could Suzy be so shaken about? Could she have been involved in Holly’s death?

Emmerdale fans will remember Holly tragically died in 2016 following a heroin overdose.

Fan account @News4Emmerdale posted: “Petition for flashback episode of Suzy and Holly. Suzy scored Holly the last drugs that killed her maybe?! #emmerdale.”

@VanityPending added: “Is Suzy one of those types that gets people hooked on drugs or something?

“I’ve seen people say about Holly and Moira being a potential connection and it’s plausible. #emmerdale.”

@darrennpassey theorised: “Suzy’s next connection in the village is Holly Moira’s daughter.. could she be the one behind her death, wasn’t expecting that, but what a good twist.. wow some good stuff to come on screen #Emmerdale.” 

Responding, @mikepriestley13 commented: “Makes sense with her connection to drugs and hollys drug addiction I think you’re right I bet Suzy gave her the dodgy batch or something.” (sic)

Could fans be onto something? It could transpire that Suzy had met Holly and either got her involved in drugs in the first place or provided her with the heroin that led to her death.

Not much is known about the newbie to the village, so her past could be dark.

Plus, Leyla saw Suzie taking drugs. Viewers saw Leyla and Suzy taking cocaine together following a successful business deal.

Suzy’s love interest Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) arrived just as Leyla was about to take another dose of drugs.

The pair quickly hid the drugs as Vanessa walked in, suggesting she isn’t aware of Suzy’s habit.

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