Energy bills: 3 interior swaps to trap 'precious heat' and slash 10 percent from your bill

The average annual energy bill is expected to rise to more than £3,500 this October when the next energy price cap hikes kicks in. While the majority of households will receive the £400 energy grant in October to ease the pressure, many homeowners and renters will find that it is simply not enough to cover the extortionate tariffs. With no end in sight for households struggling to cope with the cost of living crisis, property experts have shared three effective and affordable updates Britons can make to reduce their bills

Keeping energy costs down isn’t always easy when it comes to heating your home, especially in the colder months.

With autumn just weeks away, three interior experts have revealed their top tips for staying warm without dialling up the thermostat.

From “dressing” your windows to updating your mattress, here are the basic interior updates you can make to minimise the use of your central heating.

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Use the right window dressings

While many of us have been keeping curtains and blinds closed to stay cool in the hot weather, the same trick applies for trapping heat in the cooler seasons.

According to Helen O’Connor, product manager at 247 Blinds and 247 Curtains, it’s not just using your window dressings correctly that will make a difference.

In fact, they are often ineffective at trapping heat if you don’t have the right materials draped around your windows.

She said: “Blinds and shutters aren’t just used for keeping the light out, they can be used to effectively control the temperature in your home – meaning that you can keep all that precious heat in during the winter months without having to think about the thermostat.

“If your home tends to get quite cold during the autumn and winter months, thermal lined roman blinds are the perfect window solution to keeping out the cold breeze.

Update your mattress

Staying cosy at night is easy to do with a thick duvet and a few blankets, but according to Jonathan Warren, director and mattress specialist at Time4Sleep, changing your mattress is the most effective bedroom update you can make.

He said: “It isn’t the most commonly known tip, but your mattress choice can play an important role in keeping warm during the cooler months.

“If your home feels particularly cool during autumn, try opting for an elite gel memory foam mattress which will help to regulate your body temperature.”

While paying for a new mattress can seem like an expensive investment, Jonathan explained that it could save you around 10 percent on your monthly heating bill.

Ditch your carpets

Soft carpets may feel warm on your feet on a cold day, however, one expert has revealed that wooden flooring is actually more beneficial when it comes to keeping your home warm.

Declan Christie, founder of Luxury Flooring & Furnishings said: “Wooden floors can often be mistaken for being colder and less insulating than a carpet, however, wood floors are excellent at trapping heat and therefore keeping your home feeling warmer for many hours after you have turned your heating off.

“Whilst carpets might seem like a cosier option, they actually have a lower thermal mass as they don’t retain the heat and instead, they act as a barrier.

“Carpets are an insulator, which means they absorb the heat, whilst wood is a conductor, which allows the heat to be returned back to the room.”

Engineered wood is best for saving energy as it is denser and better at absorbing heat than solid flooring.

Declan added: “Because of this, engineered floors can withstand higher levels of moisture and fluctuations in temperatures – perfect for underfloor heating. This, coupled with an insulated underlay, will give your floor incredible levels of insulation which will ultimately lower your need for energy spending.”

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