Erdogan calls for support from Putin and Iran to fight Syrian Kurdish militia

President Tayyip Erdogan attended a summit in Tehran, the capital of Iran, alongside Vladimir Putin and the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. During the summit on Syria, President Erdogan urged the two other leaders to act alongside Turkey in its battle against the Kurdish YPG militia.

The three nations have held regular talks as part of the ‘Astana Peace Process’ in an attempt to conclude over 11 years of conflict in the country.

The President stated that the words and understanding from the leaders about Turkey’s security concerns were not enough.

The President said: “You say you understand Turkey’s concerns and we thank you for this…but words alone are not enough.”

According to the Turkish President, the YPG is attempting to divide Syria and that the removal of the group would be a benefit for the Syrian people.

Russia and Iran have opposed Turkey’s operations against the YPG which it sees as a terror organisation and other militia groups.

Turkey has been active in Syria since 2016 with four operations aiming to seize hundreds of kilometres of land and to target the YPG.

President Erdogan has declared that he will target the YPG once again and will continue to do so.

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The PKK is another organisation designated as a terror group by Turkey following the group inciting an uprising against Turkey in 1984, causing thousands of deaths.

In addition, the YPG has been accused of attacking Turkish security forces in Syria by the Turkish Government.

President Erdogan has drafted a plan to create a ‘safe zone’ of about 30 kilometres (18.5 miles) from the Turkish-Syrian border in the south of Turkey.

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