Escape to the Chateau’s Angel takes huge gamble on project ‘What could happen?’

Escape to the Chateau series eight saw Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge make huge developments on the renovation of their stunning chateau. The wholesome Channel 4 series follows the married couple and their children Arthur and Dorothy as they renovate their French home. In the last episode of the series that aired just before Christmas, Angel took a risk when it came to making their main entrance look old and blend in with the rest of the house after they had to re-concrete the railings.

After Dick and their builder friend, Dave, had successfully renovated the main staircase to the chateau, Angel was given some advice to make the entrance blend in more.

Sitting on the floor outside the house, Angel explained: “I was having a chat with builder mate Dave, and he said he used to work with a stonemason.

“He said that he would always religiously spray down his new kind of wall with milk, and I was like, ‘Yes, that is the answer!’

“[So] this is my milk solution of milk mud and a tiny little bit of this brown concrete dye, I sort of think it’s working, I want it to encourage gross lichen.

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“Sort of beautiful patinas that this balustrade has and obviously the filled in stonework that doesn’t have, I don’t know if it’s going to work, but you know what – what’s the worst that could happen!”

While Dick sanded down the seams of their new entrance stairs, Angel began to gently dab on her milk solution.

Feeling proud and happy with the progress she had made, she turned to her husband and said: “I’ve just done that, but you can see it just takes it away.”

Taking a sarcastic swipe at his wife, Dick joked: “When you have that little bit of mould starting to grow on it.”

The chateau was mainly occupied during the summer months, and the southwest-facing front door was specifically designed to let the cool evening breeze blow through the intricate ironwork.

Excited about what she was envisioning with the ironwork, Angel told her husband: “I cannot wait to get my hands on this, I am looking forward to taking this back a bit, cleaning it up!”

Eager to get her hands on the framework, Angel moved into Dick’s old workshop and prepared to start work on what was in her eyes much more than four pieces of rusty ironwork.

“Now this is beautiful, it just feels so good to be doing this job because every day we walk in and out of that door, and it’s there in your face,” she said.

As she finished the ironwork, Dick attached them back onto the door to admire his life’s work.

Dick teased: “That doesn’t look too shabby, does it?” to which Angel laughed: “It looks really beautiful!”

As they admired the detail on their new doorway, Dick said: “I think what’s really interesting is we’ve come a long way, and our front door reflects that.”

Angel replied: “I mean, it’s just all the lovely little bits, I love it!”

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on My5. 

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