EU can't be trusted! UK voters do NOT think bloc is serious about defending Ukraine – POLL

The Brussels bloc has been boasting about its financial and military support to Ukraine since Vladimir Putin decided to attack the country on February 24.

But on this side of the English Channel, Britons remain sceptical over the EU’s efforts to ensure Ukraine is fully backed by the bloc.

In an exclusive poll conducted by Techne for, asked whether they thought the EU is “serious about defending Ukraine”, 48 percent of respondents said no, against 36 percent who said yes.

The poll was conducted with 1624 people on June 24.

The results come as EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Friday that Ukraine now has a “very clear European perspective” but the road to EU membership will take time and require hard work.

EU leaders last week granted Ukraine candidate status to join the bloc, formally opening a process that is expected to take years before it becomes a member of the union now comprised of 27 countries.

Speaking to the country’s parliament, Ms von der Leyen underlined the progress made by the country in its path towards EU membership while it defends itself against Russia.

“Ukraine now has a very clear European perspective. And Ukraine is a candidate country to join the European Union, something that seemed almost unimaginable just five months ago,” she told MPs and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“There is a long road ahead but Europe will be at your side every step of the way, for as long as it takes, from these dark days of war until the moment you cross the door that leads into our European Union,” she said, noting that many crucial reforms were needed as soon as possible.

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Ukrainian MPs clapped in unison as a huge EU flag was brought into the assembly hall by three servicemen from the National Guard dressed in ceremonial uniforms.

Ms von der Leyen listed among urgent measures Ukraine needed to take: the adoption of a media law, the implementation of new rules that reduce oligarchs’ excessive clout and the appointment of top anti-corruption officials.

Mr Zelensky urged lawmakers to pass all those measures.

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