Eurovision 2022: Serbia pens lyrics about Meghan Markle's HAIR in 'weirdest' entry

Eurovision 2022 will be airing on BBC Three in the UK and live footage will air via the Eurovision website for the semi-finals and grand final. All 40 entries will perform either live from Turin or via another location, with all songs falling under the theme of ‘The Sound of Beauty’. Serbia’s entry is by Konsktrakta and it is called In Corpore Sano.

Konstrakta has been going viral since winning Serbia’s national final for Eurovision.

Her unique number, In Corpore Sano, translates as In A Healthy Body in Latin.

Yet delving deeper into the lyrics, it seems the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is the subject of the story.

The song begins: “I wonder what’s the secret behind Meghan Markle’s healthy hair?

“I think that deep hydration is what it is.

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She added: “I think we have found our crazy number for the year, but it’s keeping me hooked. I will say that.”

While referencing Meghan Markle might seem bizarre, Konstrakta’s song covers social norms, politics, as well as her country’s health system.

Wiwibloggs reported: “The song opens with a peculiar inquiry into the secrets behind the healthy hair of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

“This is quickly followed by a remark saying that one’s skin and hair can reveal everything about a person.

“Essentially, the mantra that one lives by is ‘as long as one has a healthy body, that is all that matters.’

“This could comment towards the superficial nature of today’s society and media, which constantly tends to fixate on one’s external features as a measure of how healthy one is.”

The first chorus explains how “an artist must be healthy” on the outside, in the public eye, otherwise people will make judgements that are completely wrong.

The singer also brings up the issue of a lack of health insurance, not just in her country, but across the world.

The song ends: “A sick mind in a healthy body

“A sad soul in a healthy body

“A desperate mind in a healthy body

“A terrified mind in a healthy body

“So now what?”

Eurovision 2022 begins on Tuesday, May 10 and will air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. For updates and live footage visit

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