Eurovision's Maneskin singer Damiano sparks concern 'He's hurt – get him off stage!'

However, lead singer Damiano David sparked concern with viewers and with commentator Graham Norton as he seemed to hobble while he performed. Many tuned into the Eurovisin Song Contest rushed to Twitter to beg for organisers to get Damiano off stage as he appeared to be in pain.

@Brianlosoya tweeted: “Seriously Damiano David has been majorly injured all week and is clearly in pain but is rocking out like a pro. Much respect for him #Eurovision.”

@PeacioneGC added: “Uhm he’s hurt. Yall get him off the stage #Eurovision.”

Nick Harleigh-Bell shared: “Somebody get that Måneskin man a pair of crutches FFS. #Eurovision.”

Kathy asked: “What is wrong with Damiano? He seems to have some problems or pain? #Eurovision.”

@w0wter tweeted: “Please somebody give the singer of Måneskin some help, he’s in excruciating pain #Eurovision.”

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