'Exhausted' Russia on brink of caving on peace talks as 'deep freeze' war prospect looms

Russia has been waging a brutal war against Ukraine since February 24, refusing to bow to international pressure despite most of the Western world offering up military and monetary aid to Kyiv. Retired General Lord Dannatt suggested the Russian campaign in the Donbass could mark the end of the active attempt to advance, with Moscow potentially agreeing to peace talks if the war evolves into a “deep freeze”. The former British Army chief suggested Russian troops will then be “exhausted” and this could also play in Ukraine’s hands and help secure a ceasefire.

Lord Dannatt told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “We’re going to see that slow grind continue.

“They very nearly achieved taking the Luhansk province, and then they will turn their sight to try and get control of Donetsk.

“I think, probably, what we’ve seen over the past few weeks shows over the next few weeks and days, they will achieve that.

“At that stage, I believe the Russians will be exhausted.”

He continued: “They won’t have won the war, but they will have achieved some of what they wanted to achieve, getting those two Donbass provinces. 

“Ukrainians will also be exhausted so the Russians won’t have won, the Ukrainians won’t have lost.

“At that point, I think the war will effectively go into the deep freeze and that’s when meaningful negotiations are going to have to start.”


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