Expert spots the gesture Meghan Markle uses to portray herself as ‘innocent’ and ‘humble’

The event was a couple of weeks after Meghan and Harry got married, and she was seen again, covering her hand with her mouth when she giggled. 

More broadly speaking, Jesús said: “If you do a Google search about Meghan Markle hand on mouth, or hand on face, or hand next to face, you will find photos of this year precisely, it’s like she wanted that year to project that image. ‘I’m the humble, shy, woman.’ 

“She used not only the way she dresses, with the colours and tones, [but] her body language [too], she could project that [humble, shy image] with her body language,” he suggested. 

Another time Meghan was seen using the same gesture was in June 2018. 

Jesús said: “This was her first and, if I’m correct, her only engagement with the Queen. 

“[Meghan] had this defensive, shy attitude, raising her eyebrows, trying to connect with the Queen. It was the same pattern over again. 

“Also, in this case, she was sitting next to the Queen, she didn’t have armrests, so it’s normal to keep your arms close to your body, but that doesn’t mean that you will have your hand in a defensive manner and close to your face.” 

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