'Extra chapters': Prince Harry's 'sharply critical' book could address Queen's death

The release of Prince Harry’s tell-all memories could be pushed back out of respect for the Queen. Jennie Bond told Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show this delay could mean the book will include “extra chapters” covering the death of Harry’s grandmother. 

Referring to William and Harry’s relationship, Lorraine remarked: “It was interesting what you said though about the tentative bridges being built, hopefully being rebuilt and reestablishing that trust that they used to have. 

“One of the things I think people are maybe worried about is the book, he’s written a book.

“I wonder, are they maybe going to have to put some new chapters in about the loss of his beloved grandmother?

“What do you know about what’s going to happen with that?” Lorraine asked Jennie.

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“And I just felt watching William and Harry in particular yesterday that must be so hard for them Jennie.

“It must have brought memories back of you know 25 years ago walking behind their mother’s coffin really, really difficult for them. I don’t think we can underestimate that.”

Jennie agreed: “I think it took us all back 25 years to those two young boys in the same month of the year walking behind the coffin of their mother, Diana, and now walking behind the woman who saw them through that terrible crisis in their lives, stayed at Balmoral with them to be with them, even though people said we want the Queen in London, but she felt her places with her grandsons. 

“Yes, it was so moving to see them and I do hope that the fact that they have been thrown together in mourning and in grief, physically thrown together, will have sown the seeds of some form of reconciliation between William and Harry.”

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