'Failing' test to release is Government ‘letting down the the travel sector' warns expert

He continued: “We have been speaking to numerous firms about supplying tests. But you are not sure who to trust.

“Loads of firms have popped up offering testing to cash in on the demand. But it is hard to identify who are the good ones.

“The government approved list was supposed to have helped to solve that problem. But there are only 11 providers named.”

What’s more, though the scheme aims to help travellers reduce quarantine, Mr Ashford says results simply aren’t delivered fast enough.

“Even if the scheme does get up and running, the UK’s satellite test centres are notoriously slow, so testing on day five would still force travellers into isolation for a week or more,” he said.

“It would make far more sense to test travellers prior to departure.”

There are things, however, Mr Ashford thinks the Government could do to help the travel industry regain some of its strength, even amid the ongoing virus outbreak.

“For some, it may be too late to reverse the damage, but changes are essential to ensure we limit how far-reaching the damage becomes,” he explained.

“Along with business rate relief, lower rents for high street agents and a ‘trust account model’ for airlines, we also need the urgent implementation of a cheap and efficient pre-departure testing policy if we are to pull many businesses back from the edge.”

Despite this, he feels the Government “has failed to deliver on almost every level”.

He said: “As the travel industry cries out for reassurance, certainty and support, it has faced ever-changing regulations and setbacks this year.

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