Fan’s ‘authentic and candid’ encounter with DMX on flight goes viral

A fan’s story about the time she met rapper DMX on a plane has gone viral.

On 6 April, Jennifer Fraser shared a thread about an “authentic and candid” run-in she had with DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, who is currently still in intensive care following a heart attack that occurred last Friday (2 April).

Meeting DMX on a flight to San Diego, Fraser wrote how someone “famous with his entourage in tow” sat down next to her. He later introduced himself as “D”.

“D, the letter?” she asked, to which the rapper replied, “Yes, D, DMX.”

“He asked me what I was reading,” Fraser wrote, continuing how the two “got into a discussion about social media” and “discussed race and his incarceration”.

“He was so authentic and candid,” she continued. “He talked about his kids, he has a lot of kids. He worried about them and told me how much he enjoyed being a father, returning again to stories of his grandmother and her influence in his life and as a parent. He talked about her illness, cancer. He talked about his faith.”

Earlier this week, DMX’s manager cleared up “inaccurate information” regarding the rapper’s health.

Steve Rifkind acknowledged the numerous reports circulating regarding the 50-year-old.

In a statement released on Tuesday (6 April), Rifkind said that DMX is in a coma and remains on life support.

He added: “Tomorrow (7 April), he will undergo further tests on his brain function and his family will determine what’s best from there. We appreciate your prayers and support.”

Initial reports claimed that an overdose triggered the heart attack that has left the rapper on life support.

After news broke that DMX was in a “vegetative state”, the rapper’s attorney updated fans on his wellbeing, saying that he was breathing on his own.

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