FIA urged not to hand Max Verstappen title to Lewis Hamilton if Red Bull punished

Max Verstappen should not be stripped of his F1 title by FIA bosses even if Red Bull are guilty of breaching the budget cap, according to Paul di Resta. The Sky Sports F1 pundit said it is impossible to “rewind the championship 10 months” to retrospectively hand Lewis Hamilton the title.

He added that changing the results of last season’s championship is not “the right thing to do”. It comes after Auto Motor und Sport reported Red Bull may have breached the budget cap last season by as much as £9million ($10mil).

That would be an amount high enough for the FIA to issue a range of sanctions including the loss of championship points. The FIA were expected to reveal details on Wednesday but this has now been pushed back to Monday.

Verstappen said: “A lot of tales in the paddock that Red Bull and Aston Martin may be in a breach. Is this good Formula One? No. Can you rewind the championship 10 months? I don’t believe that’s the right thing to do.

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“You’ve got to move forward. You’ve got to have a hard and fast rule. Why in this day and age can we not get to the answer quicker that we all need?

“If it’s going to be a fine or money well they’ve got a surplus of money because of how well Formula One is doing at the moment so then you go back to are we going to rewind the World Championship result?” It is now understood Red Bull may not have breached the cap by as much as first thought and could get away without any substantial penalties.

Journalist Alexandre Braeckman, per F1i, revealed the FIA initially found Red Bull to have exceeded the budget cap allowance by a massive £10.5million ($12million). However, upon appeal and a further review, it was found the team broke the rules by just £131,000 ($150,000).

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Meanwhile, Braeckman reported Aston Martin could have breached the rules by as much as £3.5million ($4mil) and may face a points deduction. Red Bull have denied any wrongdoing, claiming last week that the reports were “speculation”.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner also passionately defended his team in Singapore, claiming there was no breach of budget cap rules. Aston Martin boss Mike Krack said the team were “surprised” to read their names in the budget cap fiasco.

He also stressed the team has not done “anything majorly wrong” and had questions over the FIA’s interpretation of the rules.

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