Fitness coach's tips to burn fat with no diet or gym workouts – lose 1.5st in 12 weeks

Everyone wants to know the secret to rapid weight loss and whether there is a certain diet that can bust belly fat. Fitness coach Adam Grayston has revealed you can “shed body fat without a strict dieting or ever setting foot in a gym”. Here are his three tips for anyone looking to do so. 

1. 80/20 diet flexibility

Adam said: “Personal nutrition can seem like a minefield; there are millions of pages of information out there on food, nutrition, and weight loss. 

“Eating 80 percent good food and 20 percent bad food is both realistic and sustainable. 

“You don’t need to follow a strict or fad diet, all you need to remember is to include each of the five main food groups in what you eat each day and you will get all the nutrients you need – fruit and vegetables, carbs or starch, proteins, fats, and dairy. 

“Abstaining from eating the foods you like altogether will make the cravings even stronger, and the guilt after ‘relapsing’ even worse. 

“You should continue to eat your favourite foods but just make sure to keep it to around 20 percent of your overall food intake,” he added. 

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Adam’s advice has worked for many people. 

Jade Olivia reviewed the book on Amazon and revealed how much weight she had lost. 

She said: “I really enjoyed reading this book!! I’ve followed the plan for over 12 weeks now, lost 24lbs & I’ve kept the weight off. 

“Protein is definitely key to keeping me fuller for longer and not ‘binge eating’. 

“I was in a place where I had no confidence, wore a lot of baggy clothes, embarrassed about my size and yo-yo’ed with all different diets. 

“I feel in a much better place with regards to what food to eat 80 percent good food 20 percent ‘bad’ food.” 

Samantha Baker has also seen results: “I have lost 8lbs since reading this book by recording my food, realising that I was actually eating a bit too much of the wrong food types, plus adding in a few short home workouts here and there.

“This book makes you realise your mistakes in your busy life that stop you from being where you want to be, and contains useful advice on overcoming them. Definitely a must-read for anyone wishing to lose a few lbs.” 

Adam’s tips are from his book, How to Melt Body Fat Without Diets or Gyms which is available on Amazon as a Kindle Edition or Audiobook for free. 

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