Foo Fighters drummer criticises Noel Gallagher for Dave Grohl insult: ‘F*** that guy’

An unexpected dispute emerged between Grohl and Gallagher after the Foos frontman told the crowd at their 2019 Reading Festival performance that they wanted to start a petition to get Oasis to reunite. 

Gallagher later referenced the comments during a gig in San Diego, California, stating: “I hereby start a petition to break up the Foo Fighters. Anyone free can f***ing sign it.” 

In a video of Gallagher performing at another venue in Irvine, California, the musician is heard saying: “If the drummer from Nirvana wants Oasis to get back together he can come up on this stage right now and suck my f***ing d***.” 

Speaking to Metro two years after the incident, Hawkins opened up about the disparaging comments made at Grohl’s expense.

He said: “I was being protective of my friend Dave Grohl really, Noel said some s*** and he’s always talked s*** about us so instead of being politically correct… Nah f*** that guy.” 

Hawkins has previously spoken out against Gallagher in light of his remarks. In 2019, the Foos drummer told Radio X: “He was really mean. He was really a jerk.” 

At the time, the 48-year-old added that he was “Team Liam”. The pair fronted the beloved Mancunian rock band from 1991 to 2009 before suffering an acrimonious split.

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